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Oct 06, 2021

14, the company confirmed to CNBC. A spokesman for the department store chain's parent company, Transformco, said it will look for ways have a peek at this website to revive the space with another tenant because it also manages the real estate . "This is part of the company's strategy to unlock the value of the real estate and pursue the highest and best use for the benefit of the local community," Transformco said in a statement. Sears Holdings, which also owned Kmart, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in October 2018. Transformco later acquired Sears out of bankruptcy and has since closed dozens of the remaining Sears and Kmart locations across the United States. Kmart's last location in Manhattan recently shut . It will be replaced by a Wegmans grocery store. A spokesperson for Transformco declined to confirm how many Sears and Kmart stores are still open.

https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/16/sears-is-shutting-its-last-store-in-illinois-its-home-state.html [Finance]


But it concerns me for the players that are vaccinated that we could lose them." Last week, Georgia's sports medicine director, Ron Courson, was diagnosed with COVID-19. He didn't travel with the team to Saturday's 10-3 victory over No. 3 Clemson . "Ron's doing good, he's had a tough run," Smart said. "Ron's the hardest worker I've ever met in my life, and he's never not been at this building on any day. Never not been here two days in a row, including spring break and off time, and it's killing him, I think, to not be here.


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Regina Barber DeGraaff raises two fists in triumph after finishing another episode of Spark Science. For the past six years, she’s been working in collaboration with students and other creators to make Spark Science . The science-focused podcast does more than explain concepts, it’s aimed at making science more accessible to the average person and highlighting the diversity within STEM.  “My goal is to feature people who don’t fit into the classic scientist stereotype; I don’t want to just interview Doc Brown from ‘Back to the Future’ over and over again,” DeGraaff said. While working toward that mission, the podcast has explored everything from the danger of misinformation to the experiences of women in STEM by interviewing scientists from a wide array of backgrounds.  The inspiration for Spark Science first came about in 2015, when Suzanne Blais, a former manager at KMRE who now works in Western’s University Relations & Marketing Division, approached DeGraaff with the idea for a science-based radio show. The only question for DeGraaff was: How do you make science interesting for everyone? “I was really inspired by shows like Star Talk because they were able to make these grandiose concepts seem relatable and interesting,” DeGraaff said.  After three years of broadcasting Spark Science on KMRE, DeGraaff sought out an official endorsement from the university and received it. After that, Spark Science became a fully online podcast hosted on Western’s website.  Now the podcast runs its season from February to August every year with monthly episode releases. DeGraaff, Blais and a rotating team of student volunteers work to source, edit and produce every episode. Wanted: Communicators and scientists for the Spark Science team For Julia Thorpe, a former senior audio manager for Spark Science, the podcast was more than a chance to learn new audio skills, it also highlighted the importance of making science accessible. “When you have that disconnect between scientists and the public, then the question ‘What’s really true?’ pops up and the guessing games begin,” Thorpe said. “That’s why giving people clarity and breaking down that imaginary barrier is so important.” Although Thorpe isn't involved in the podcasting world now, she said she still dreams of reentering the field.