He Has Been Away Since June And Because Of His Work Demands Offshore Had To Cancel His Original Miq Booking In The Process Thinking He Could Change It,” He Said.

Oct 07, 2021

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“His life and income requires him to compete overseas. He has been away since June and because of his work demands offshore had to cancel his original MIQ booking in the process thinking he could change it,” he said. “Not so. Hence he is now stranded. His visa in Europe is about to run out as I understand it and things are starting to look desperate. The MIQ raffle of this week was mental torture for him as I am sure it was for many others.” If any good can come of this, it is that athletes have a voice and the high-profile likes of triathlete Currie, Hooker, Bates, Adams, Fox, Walsh and motocross world champion Duncan have voiced concerns also held by New Zealanders who lack their profile. Elite athletes and coaches are used to stress, to plans changing at short notice, to adapting. If they are concerned and stressed, those in the queue of 30,000 who lack those coping skills must surely be feeling their mental anguish even more. Looking to the future, there are concerns for New Zealand sport. If the likes of Walsh, McLaughlin and Currie are never rubbing shoulders with them, where do local youngsters draw their face-to-face inspiration from? Taranaki's Paige Hareb in action.


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